This book is an investigation in a place where people routinely visit for leisure, exercise and a pathway to home. However, its not recognisable to the place Central Park. The viewer is now on a journey to the general store. Along the way, the map gets slightly damp, and makes marks, making that specific part a bit hard to read. The always helpful silver fern guides you the way, so respectfully, cyanotypes are made as a souvenir of the walk to the general store. The photographs depict the viewer getting lost in some bushes and down some streams. Yet you still make it to the general store.
This book is a narrative driven book with a hint of investigative. The narrative is driven by the text I included. The text, creates a narrative that the viewer can choose to read and interoperate or to leave in the pockets. The cyanotypes that are on the other side of the text hint towards the investigative mode of representation. The cyanotypes are non – biased and are slightly scientific considering they are samples take from the place.
This series is based on a playful  investigation into the ways in which people interact with an urban shared park. As Tacita Dean and Jeremy Millar mention in ‘Art works: Place’, “A neighbourhood’s architectural distinctiveness has in itself an effect on group identity.” (Dean, Millar, 30). This book continues to push the concept of familiarity that is common in these neighbourhood environments, by questioning the familiarity of the images.
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